What We Do



We facilitate workshops that provide support for patients covering topics such as yoga, meditation and additive free lifestyle just to name a few.

We are continuing to develop our calendar of events with a view to increase their frequency, topics covered, and attendance.


Professional Support Services

Provision of support is a top priority. Gynaecological cancer patients treated through the private health system receive little to no support during their treatment and recovery. Through the provision of our professional support service we will make it easier for all patients and their families to access services and products that will provide comfort and support throughout their journey of treatment and beyond.


Education Program

Education is vital in achieving our goal to lower diagnosis time and raise awareness of gynaecological cancer in Tasmania. We are in the early stages of developing an education program through which we will engage high school students and their families.


Wellness Centre

Our ultimate dream!

A sanctuary for women undergoing treatment and their carers to escape to. A beautiful facility in Hobart where they can access counselling, meditate, read, practice yoga, enjoy coffee and a chat, and attend workshops. A service that will provide holistic support to women throughout treatment and beyond.

This dream will be realised in a progression of small steps; starting with our Professional Support Service whereby working with and providing referrals to health service providers, we can shine a light for patients and offer support relevant to their needs.

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