About Us


S.H.E. is run by a voluntary Board of passionate Tasmanians, determined to raise awareness of gynaecological cancers.

As there is no early detection test for any cancers of this nature (except cervical cancer thanks to the cervical smear) we need to be seen and heard to educate women and their families about the signs and symptoms, and what to do if they experience them.

Join us! The more people making a noise, the bigger the likelihood we will save lives through early diagnosis.


Our Board

Chair - Scott Harris - Beacon Foundation

Secretary - Annie Archer - CSIRO

Treasurer - Ann Jones - TerraCreations

Megan McLaren - Australian Financial Securities Authority

Julie Inman - The Friends' School

Mel Knucky - West Moonah Community House

Cym Cymbaline - Agricultural Culture and Environment

Founder - Katrina Driessen

Ambassador - Hon. Elise Archer MP


Friends of the Foundation